Courses I Regularly Teach at SUNY New Paltz (with links to most current syllabi):

Introduction to British LiteratureShakespeare I, and Shakespeare II

Other Courses:

Spring 2016:

ENG505: Mr. William Shakespeare: 1616, 2016 (Graduate)

Fall 2015:

ENG451 Skins, Paper, and Screens: Technologies of the Book and Literature (Senior Seminar)

Spring 2013/2015:

HON393: The Materials of History, Thought and Art (Honors Seminar)

Spring 2013

ENG505: Shakespeare (Graduate)

Fall 2012:

ENG574: Topics in Shakespeare: Shakespeare’s Materials (Graduate)

Spring 2012:

ENG505: Shakespeare (Graduate)

Spring 2011:

ENG574: Topics in Shakespeare: Shakespeare and Romance (Graduate)

Fall 2010:

ENG500: Graduate Proseminar

Spring 2010:

ENG504: Seminar in Sixteenth Century Literature, New Worlds and Lost Worlds of the English Renaissance (Graduate)

Spring 2009:

ENG451 (Senior Seminar): Adventure, Fantasy, and Magic

Courses Taught at the University of Pennsylvania:

Spring 2007: English 22: Romance

Spring 2007: English 248: Imagined Empires, 1492-1800

Fall 2006: English 31: Introduction to Renaissance Literature: New Worlds and Lost Worlds of the English Renaissance

Fall 2006: English 226: Topics in Drama: Romancing the Globe

Spring 2005: English 290: Sex, Race, and Stereotypes (Team Taught Course)

Summer 2004: English 1 : Critical Writing Seminar in Literature: Everybody’s a Critic

Spring 2003: English 8 : Writing about Drama: Shakespeare, Yesterday and Today

Fall 2002: English 8 : Writing about Drama: Representing Race and Ethnicity on the Stage and in Film

Spring 2002: English 6 : Writing about Fiction: Adventures by Land and by Sea

Fall 2001: English 3 : Writing about Literature and Society: Contemporary Cultural Controversies