Pedagogy Resources

Please feel free to use, adapt, and share these assignments and handouts in your own classes, and let me know if you if you have found them useful.

“Digital Scribes”: Collaborative Class Notes Project
For this assignment, students use various social media platforms (Twitter, Storify) to create collaborative notes from class lectures and discussions.

Annotation Assignment
An assignment I use in my English Literature I course to teach research, reading, and citation.

Close and Distant Reading Assignment
This assignment integrates a close analysis of a sonnet with digital tools to help students explore Shakespeare’s language in the Sonnets.

Commonplace Book Assignment
A reading journal assignment based on the practice of “commonplacing,” the process of collecting and recording “sententiae” while reading used extensively in the early modern period (and beyond).

Digital Resources for Teaching Shakespeare
A collection of links to freely available internet resources that are especially useful to anyone teaching Shakespeare.

Wikipedia Editing Assignment
Collaborative research assignment designed to improve students research skills and give them a meaningful outlet for their work.

I developed these handouts when teaching composition and first-year writing courses.

Guides students through the early stages of writing an essay and insists on the importance of free writing and other drafting techniques.
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On Revision
A handout that explains my philosophy on the process of writing and extensive revising.
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Da Vinci on Revision
Essentially the same as the “On Revision” handout, this uses a comparison of a Leonardo Da Vinci sketch and painting to exemplify the difference between a draft and a revision.
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Argument Fallacies
Definitions and examples of common argument fallacies (ad hominem, slippery slope, begging the question, etc.)
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Bad Introductions
Based on a handout from the University of North Carolina’s Writing Center , this handout categorizes several common types of poor introductions.
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How to Read a Film
I collated materials from various sources on using film in the classroom to produce this handy sheet of definitions and strategies for critically interpreting film.
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“A” Student Critical Prose Style
This handout explains what I think are the main characteristics of successful student prose.
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